Treasure Research Library

Treasure Research Library is a private library and available to treasure hunter for research on projects and history from around the World. The library is located in Colorado and contact is welcome by researchers Worldwide.

Treasure Research Library  provides free research (limited) to any treasure hunter requesting information on Ghost Towns and other treasure related items of interest.

 A subscriber requested some information on a ghost town of Arrow (Arrowhead) that is not listed on newer topo maps. I did the research and if I do it for free it goes online for anyone that wants the information. Here is that report.

Treasure Research Library has made available for checkout on scribd dot com several rare publications that are very hard to find and very costly.

Desert Magazine was founded, edited and published from 1937 to 1958 by Randall Henderson (1888–1970). The magazine New editors followed until the magazine closed print publication in 1985. It was revived as an on-line magazine in 2006. From Nov 1937 to July 1985 Desert Magazine published 534 issues.

The American Desert magazine which was published from November 1992 to Fall 1993 and ran for five issues. The magazines are rare and hart to find and Treasure Research Library scanned and placed all five issues into scribd dot com as collectors and outdoor persons wanted to have access to them. Enjoy, TRL

Issue Number1 ~ March1967 ~ Treasure World by Bill Mahan

This is the very first issue of Treasure World by Bill Mahan and is VERY RARE and hard to find. Only several copies are known and this is a copy of ours, enjoy.

Scribd reading of magazines placed on that site

James Fariello on

The idea for Scribd was originally inspired when Trip Adler was at Harvard and had a conversation with his father, John R. Adler, about the difficulties of publishing academic papers. He teamed up with cofounders Jared Friedman and Tikhon Bernstam and they attended Y Combinator in Cambridge in the summer of 2006.[citation needed] Scribd was launched from a San Francisco apartment in March 2007 and quickly grew in traffic.

The Artifact was first published in January 1966 and was dubbed “Magazine of Treasure Hunting”. I have scanned several issues and put them on scridb dot com.