Treasure Research Library

Treasure Research Library is a private library and available to treasure hunter for research on projects and history from around the World. The library is located in Colorado and contact is welcome by researchers Worldwide.



  Please contact me for information on your research project. The research (small) is provided at no cost and uploaded to scribd dot com. This is the best way to get you your file as most files are to large for email to handle. If the research is done at no cost situation  please allow me 10 days to do the work in my spare time.

   If you would like a more timely research the rate for service is $25.00 per hour. The library has a copy machine and a book binding machine. The research  material will come by priority mail.

     Research Associates across the USA and World

     Largest collection of Treasure Magazines in USA

     Total confidential non disclosure and protection

       Project assistance if needed by professional Associates

Research is the key to all major projects.

The Treasure Research Library Network is your opportunity to find research on your Treasure Projects.   In the world of Treasure Hunting, only a well-organized and complete library, with an indexing system will give you that edge on all others that think they might be a Treasure Hunter.   It took me a lifetime and thousands of dollars and man-hours to just begin to have something I could depend on for that extra help and information on my projects.

By Appointment Only

Treasure Research Library

James Fariello

2021 Jessup Street

Brighton, Colorado



Main Number & Message:

(303) 659-3319


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