Treasure Research Library

Treasure Research Library is a private library and available to treasure hunter for research on projects and history from around the World. The library is located in Colorado and contact is welcome by researchers Worldwide.

Treasure Research Library sponsors projects and if you have one please let us know.

TRL trip to Brown’s Park was an adventure. TRL purchased a property in that location for a home base for exploration of this remote area in our western history. We look forward to 2014 and new adventures in that area.

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  Welcome to Treasure Research Library. This small web site is here to provide some basic contact information and some information on what and who we are. We are a Private Library, owned and operated by James Fariello of Colorado.  James stated Treasure Hunting as a young man.  Over the years he has retired from a military career in the reserve and active duty.  At a senior age James continues to help people in this field and was the first President of the World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers.  James is currently the International Director of that organization. The Library does research for the treasure hunter on projects they have setup and sponsors projects with other treasure hunters and associates.  Contact is always welcome and sometimes the field work removes us from electronic contact for 10 plus days. Thank you for the visit and please call for any requests.

James Fariello

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