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Treasure Research Library is a private library and available to treasure hunter for research on projects and history from around the World. The library is located in Colorado and contact is welcome by researchers Worldwide.

World at Peace

  Research leads to a discovery of who we are and where we have come from on a World filled with treasures to discover and enjoy.

Treasure Research Library Network is a research library, privately owned and available to Treasure Hunters worldwide.  The network has thousands of books, magazines and publications on treasure hunting worldwide.  A private collections of library systems are available for research on your Treasure Hunting project. Contact is welcome and we research for any Treasure Hunting Project.

  The Treasure Research Library site is a network of several Private collections of Treasure Hunting books, magazines, newsletters and publications.  The library welcomes contact for your treasure hunting research projects.   TRLnet works as a non-profit library.  Research for a small fee is available for research projects for paying customers in need of research in a more timely manner.  The fees, if any will go to reproduction and copy of materials provided on your research project.

  The research done for free is uploaded to for you and anyone else to see and enjoy. If you request a more confidential research you must make arrangements before the start of the project.  Letters of confidentiality will be signed if needed and this also must be done before starting a research project. The files on most research are large and downloading is simple from SCRIBD dot COM on these large files.  Research printed will be bound in book format and sent to you by Priority Mail with a tracking number.

If reading and research are not part of your tools in treasure hunting, look out because others like me will have an edge over you and your treasure hunt.

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The site is a basic site with basic information.   Contact is welcome and research for the World is welcome.   My telephone number is listed at contacts and if I am not available please leave a message and I should get back to you within 24 hours.